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The first step in making an online course for blended learning is the Discover step. In this first step you need to have a clear view of what you need to know before starting making the online course for the blended learning.

We identify 3 important questions:

  • What are the high level goals of your course?
  • What are the course objectives?
  • Who is your target audience?

It is important to use a certain thinking pattern at this stage. You want to develop a machine so in order to do this you need to think in very precise steps. If an objective cannot be measured, it is not the ideal way of doing this.

An example:

Objective: The learner has knowledge about soil compaction. => Better: The learner can name three effects of soil compaction.

By formulating your objectives this way, you make the link with the design stage more easily. In the theory part on the website your will find guidelines on how to formulate high level goals and objectives and how to define your target audience.

Make use of the Discover-template. By using this template you will get the first outline of your blended or online learning environment.


In this module you will:

  • know how to prepare yourself before starting on making blended learning;
  • learn what 'High level goals' are and how to describe them;
  • learn what 'Course objectives' are and how to describe them;
  • learn how to identify your audience.

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