Welcome to the project website!

This is the website to support the Erasmus KA2-project called "Blended Forestry Traning: Bleft". This project starts on 1/12/2018 and ends on 31/08/2021.

Although blended learning is an education program that is known and used in several domains, it is not yet used -and so very much innovative- in the forestry sector. In our project, we will develop digital learning materials for professionals from the forestry sector. The developed digital training modules will combine into so-called “training lines” specifically developed for forestry professionals, covering subjects and expertise that they need today in order to stay on top of knowledge and expertise in their domain. Thanks to the participation of specialized training institutes and partners of different European countries, transnational exchange of expertise -which is necessary to reply to the specific training needs of forestry professionals- is possible.
Forestry Training partners have the ambition to develop digital learning materials in different digital formats and widely disseminate them, in order to make an extensive implementation of online content into classical training schemes possible.
Via the well-considered introduction of digital training materials in different digital formats adapted to the forestry professionals, we aim to improve their digital skills in an adept way.
Thanks to the tutorials and guidelines with tips, tricks and lessons learned when it comes to developing digital learning materials for forestry professionals, we also support other training institutes and parties being interested in developing blended learning training programs.

Initially we will use this website to collect everything from IO3. Later on you will find also everything from IO1 (part 1 and part 2).


The purpose of IO3 consists of the following parts:

  • know what blended learning is
  • make the right preparations to develop a module in blended learning
  • know how to develop a blended learning module
  • be able to choose the right didactic working method to achieve a course objective
  • be able to choose the right digital tool for the chosen methodology and course objective
  • master various digital tools

We hope you will have fun going through this material. If you have any comments or suggestions, you can always report them via this link.

Who are you and what are your expectations about this course?

Write a short post to introduce your organisation and your role in it. If possible, add a web link. Write your name and organization in the title. Lets us know what your expectations are about this course.

The tool we are using for this is called "Padlet". Padlet is one of the digital tools we will learn to use in making an online course for blended learning.

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